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New Hampshire

10 Great Retirement Cities in the U.S.

Birmingham, Ala. They call Alabama “sweet home” for a reason: Living costs are low, sunny days are abundant, and taxes per capita fall $700 below the national average. Alabama exempts most retirement income from state income taxes, and older homeowners don’t pay property taxes. Medical costs are nearly 15% less than the national average. And […]

US States With the Most Millionaires 2011

Each year, Phoenix Marketing International analyzes national data on millionaire households to reveal which U.S. states attract the most high-income families. This information is being published first on 1. Maryland Percentage of households: 7.22% Millionaire households: 157,779 Total households: 2,186,613 Percentage in 2010: 6.79% Millionaire households: 144,686 Percentage in 2009: 6.26% Millionaire households: 133,299 2. […]

10 best cities for public transportation

President Obama is calling for $8 billion to go towards high-speed rail, as part of a six-year, $53-billion plan. The administration is hoping that the program will create jobs and boost American competitiveness in the long run. But on a smaller scale, an effective public transportation system can simply increase the quality of life in […]