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Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru. It is located in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, in the central part of the country, on a desert coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Together with the seaport of Callao, it forms a contiguous urban area known as the Lima Metropolitan Area. With a population approaching 9 million, Lima is the fifth largest city in Latin America, behind Mexico City, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. Lima is home to one of the largest financial hubs in Latin America. It has been defined as a beta world city by GaWC international ranking.

Lima was founded by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535, as la Ciudad de los Reyes, or “the City of Kings”. It became the capital and most important city in the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru. Following the Peruvian War of Independence, it became the capital of the Republic of Peru. Today, around one-third of the Peruvian population lives in the metropolitan area.

Lima is home to one of the oldest higher learning institutions in the New World. The National University of San Marcos, founded on May 12, 1551 during Spanish colonial regime, is the oldest continuously functioning university in the Americas.

Other Information

  • Country : Peru
  • Region : Lima Region
  • Province : Lima Province
  • Districts : 43 districts
  • Area :
    • City : 2,672.3 km2 (1,031.8 sq mi)
    • Urban : 800 km2 (308.9 sq mi)
    • Metro : 2,819.3 km2 (1,088.5 sq mi)
  • Elevation : 0–1,548 m (0–5,079 ft)
  • Population (2007) :
    • City : 7,605,742
    • Density : 2,846.1/km2 (7,371.4/sq mi)
    • Metro : 8,472,935
    • Metro density : 3,008.7/km2 (7,792.5/sq mi)
  • Demonym : Limean (Spanish: Limeño/a)
  • Time zone : PET (UTC-5)


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